Work Injuries

It’s challenging to get back on your feet after suffering an injury at work. The bills are mounting, you’re in pain, and you’re unable to work. You might feel helpless and unable to put your life back together as a result of this.

But you don’t have to suffer if you don’t get the necessary compensation. For your accident, you ought to be qualified for workers’ compensation benefits. Our lawyers will vigorously pursue your workers’ compensation benefits and work to ensure that you receive every dollar you are entitled to.

Typical Workplace Accidents

Injuries from repetitive motion

Repetitive traumatic events have a cumulative effect that leads to repetitive motion injuries, which develop gradually. Repetitive motion injuries are categorised in the South Carolina Code of Laws, along with the claims that may be made for just compensation.

Accidental Falls Injuries

One of the most frequent types of workplace injuries is a slip and fall. The slip-and-fall incident frequently results from employer or coworker negligence, building a chain of evidence that supports your legitimate claim for compensation.

Back injuries

Upper or lower back injuries are frequent outcomes of workplace injury incidents. Your chances of pursuing a claim are increased by the possibility that you will sustain severe spinal cord damage that will permanently restrict your mobility.

Broken bones

Unsurprisingly, work-related injuries frequently lead to broken bones that need weeks or months to heal properly. You are entitled to compensation for both your injuries and any lost wages incurred while you were recovering from the fractures.